The hermeneutics of Open Theism, pt. 5 – Refutation of Open Theism by Observing Passages That Teach Absolute Sovereignty of God

Isaiah 41.21-29 (1) – In this part of Isaiah, the prophet Isaiah gives the message that God is tired of seeing His people turn to idols. God gives, in this specific portion of Scripture, a challenge that would once and for all prove who the real God is. “Set forth your case” and “bring your […]

The Hermenuetics of Open Theism, Pt. 1

One day while sitting in a systematic theology class, a student was listening to his professor talk about the topic of the infallibility and inerrancy of Scripture. At some point in the lecture wrong views on inspiration were brought up. Among others, there was partial revelation, where only the passages dealing with spiritual issues were […]