Moving My Blog Foreward

Some of my readers may not have noticed, but in the last few weeks I have upgraded my WordPress blog and registered my own domain! Now instead of, my domain is just This is an exiting step for me, and as this blog is coming up on ten years old, I wanted to […]

Creation Pt. 6: The Day-Age Theory

In my two previous posts, I looked at two non-chronological interpretations of Genesis 1. They are the Literary Framework View, and the Revelatory Day Theory. Today we move on to the chronological interpretations of Genesis 1. First up, is the Day Age Theory. I. An Introduction to the Day-Age Theory The best way to summarize […]

Summary of “City of God” pt. 15 – Part 4, Book 15

As Augustine begins part four of his great work, he begins to track the development of the two cities throughout human history. These chapters are fairly easy to get through since they are basically a retelling of bible stories in chronological order. And honestly, these chapters are slightly more boring because of it. “City of […]