The Leibnizian (Or Contingency) Argument

Over the last month or two I’ve been teaching a Sunday school class on Christian apologetics, going over different arguments that have been put forward through the decades and centuries. I decided I would go ahead and put them onto my blog and give a barebones sketch of the arguments. The core of the classes […]

Moving My Blog Foreward

Some of my readers may not have noticed, but in the last few weeks I have upgraded my WordPress blog and registered my own domain! Now instead of, my domain is just This is an exiting step for me, and as this blog is coming up on ten years old, I wanted to […]

Summary of “God Over All”: Chapter Two, “God: The Sole Ultimate Reality” Pt. 3 – Aseity According to the Church Fathers

In our previous post we looked at how the Apostle Paul thought about God being the sole ultimate reality. With this post we look beyond the New Testament and examine the understanding of the early Church Fathers.  What Craig argues is that the early Church Fathers also considered God to be the sole ultimate reality. […]